New category: philosophical tutorials!

Seeing as how philosophy is just so darn technical and formal these days, I think it’s reasonable if not essential for this sort of blog to contain a tutorial of sorts.

The dictionary is great, isn’t it:

Main Entry: 2tutorial
Function: noun
1 : a class conducted by a tutor for one student or a small number of students
2 : a paper, book, film, or computer program that provides practical information about a specific subject

I wonder if Merriam-Webster will be upset that my use of the term “tutorial” may not be consistent with their definition!  See, I don’t think that philosophers can have a tutorial: philosophy doesn’t form a specific subject.  I suppose that means that we can’t “provide practical information” 😉

Anyway, what I will try to do is this:

If I happen to use a word or concept in a very specific way, in a way that only academic philosophers (or those with experience in academic philosophy) would be familiar with (e.g. possible-world semantics) I will link that word to whatever explanation or description I have access to that might lend some sense for non-academic philosopher.

The link will take the reader to another post  in the  tutorial category of this site, and it will contain brief explanations and/or helpful links.  Everything not written by  yours truly (the more the merrier) will be noted.  This might be a good opportunity for legitimate link-building.

By the way, please don’t think that when I say “non-academic philosopher” I mean it in some derogatory way.  If I’m truly a fan of Wittgenstein, and I am, I would know that Wittgenstein was famous for beginning classes with something like the following:

“if you are serious about philosophy and intend to teach it, then leave my class”

Anyway, the philosophical tutorial will characterize various and remote notions, from cyborg feminism to modal logic.  Anyone with any experience about a manifestly remote topic should contact me about contributing to this section of the site.  I’m getting more visitors these days, and some of them are bound to be cyborgs, if not social naturalists! See–this is why the philosophical tutorials section will come in handy.

So yeah, this will take a few weeks to implement, but be on the lookout.


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