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A helpful Wittgenstein database

Simon van Rysewyk, author of the Wittgenstein Forum–a great blog, by the way—has a most helpful link to a Wittgenstein database called The Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive.

This database is for anyone ranging from the interested amateur to the most hardcore of fans/stalkers.   Its most noteworthy feature for me was the ability to search for Wittgenstein’s more personal works, such as his personal letters, entire notebooks, and notes Wittgenstein had taken (he was quite a note taker, from what I understand)

I’m not very familiar with online resources for Wittgenstein-related primary sources, but from what I can tell this is one of the most comprehensive available online.  Certainly it is more user-friendly than the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Wittgenstein, for my money.