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Philosophical Investigations online

If you don’t mind commentary, Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations (courtesy of Lois Shawyer) is available freely online at http://users.rcn.com/rathbone/lwtocc.htm

I only checked out the first 10 aphorisms, but if the first 10 are at all representative of the rest of the publication, then kudos to Shawyer for providing such a great service.  Shawyer’s introductory remarks indicating what Wittgenstein is like to the untrained philosopher is insightful:

 The problem is that while Wittgenstein’s writing style is quite beautiful, almost poetic,  it is so unusual, that all of us, it seems, need a little help in the beginning.

I still need help! Though I suppose that that is part of the appeal of Wittgenstein’s philosophy–especially his later philosophy.  Its ordinariness (compared to other philosophers) makes it bizarre to interpret–though reading it is easy enough.  Where there is a lack of need to look up terminology with a specific sense within the discourse of philosophy, there is a more pressing need to disentangle several points of view from the issues being only hinted at.